How to Use content to Reach More People?

Improve SEO You can’t optimize your content reach without making sure your content marketing strategy is solid from the very start.

In the research stage, it’s vital to not only figure out what topics your audience wants to consume content on, but also to ensure they can easily find this content when they’re searching online.

Keyword research will give you insight into the terms your audience is actually typing into the search engine when they’re looking for information or solutions to their problems.

If you don’t include these keywords in your content, it’s highly likely that your website won’t appear on the first page of search results for relevant search terms. As a result, not as many web users will be able to find your content organically.

While it is possible to drive traffic to your content via other means, SEO is an important traffic source for most businesses. For people to be able to read your content, they first have to find it. If you’re relying purely on social media and referrals for traffic, your growth will be significantly limited.

Websites across every industry can expect to attract at least half of their traffic via search. SEO is even more important for websites in specific niches. For example, health and medical sites attract over 87% of their visitors by search.


Whether you’re producing content in-house or you’re outsourcing to an agency, make sure SEO is a top priority.

Create content that appeals to humans. This is your number one goal for SEO – not to prioritize it. The reason is this: sure, SEO best practices will encourage the search engine crawlers, such as the Google bots, to index your site well.

But, it’s humans, the web searchers who are going to comment on your posts, link back to your informative infographic, and share your value-driven content on social media, who will gift your website with a competitive edge. They care about your content, not your keyword usage and alt tags. So don’t forget to provide value with your content.

Today’s search engines are sophisticated and smart enough to tell whether your content is aimed at manipulating the rankings or not. But at the same time, they can also identify content that people will find valuable. So when writing your content, think about what will truly bring value to your readers (the humans!), then look at how you can optimize it for the robots.

Google loves websites that update their content regularly. So if you have a blog, you want to make sure you are publishing new content on a consistent basis which will gradually improve SEO of your website.

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